Symptomatology of gastrointestinal tract foreign bodies

M. I. Davidov, V. M. Subbotin, O. E. Nikonova
2018 Perm Medical Journal  
Aim. To study the clinical problems and develop the symptomatology of the foreign bodies (FB) of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Materials and methods. Ninety patients with GIT foreign bodies were observed over the period from 1997 to 2017. To diagnose, a complex of endoscopic and radial methods was used. Localization, size and type of the detected foreign bodies were compared with the symptoms revealed. Results. Fifty patients intentionally swallowed foreign bodies, 40 – accidentally.
more » ... ccidentally. Altogether, 90 patients swallowed 193 items (nails, needles, pieces of wire etc.). On the basis of the study, three forms of clinical course regarding the swallowed GIT FB were singled out: latent, manifest and complicated. The pathognomonic symptoms of GIT FB are "migrant" abdominal pains associated with migration of FB along the GIT lumen, intensification of pains while moving, exercise stress and palpation, feeling of "heaviness" in epigastric region. Multiple gastric FB cause the auscultative symptom of "ringing". Pains, available with GIT FB, are not connected with taking food and are not ceased after taking antacids. Conclusions. Introduction of the developed GIT FB symptomatology into healthcare practice and training of physicians will contribute to earlier and more accurate diagnosis.
doi:10.17816/pmj35420-25 fatcat:t7ku5r4kjffdzehjpocyl4aory