Ribosome Profiling for Biomarker Discovery

Hiroaki SAKO, Katsuhiko SUZUKI, Haruko TAKEYAMA
2013 Japanese Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
早稲田大学スポーツ科学研究科 2 早稲田大学スポーツ科学学術院 3 早稲田大学理工学術院 an endocrine organ: IL-6 and other myokines. It has been well known that protein level is estimated by the expression level of its mRNA. However, it is also argued that correlation between mRNA abundance and protein levels is weaker than previously thought. Recently a newly developed technique called ribosome profiling has drawn attention as a drastic countermeasure to improve the weak correlation. Here it is discussed that weak association of
more » ... and mRNA levels seen in genome-wide analysis of gene expression such as microarray is attributable to post-transcriptional regulation including translational inhibition. This review further discusses how these issues are resolved by ribosome profiling and also addresses a possibility of biomarker discovery derived from this technique.
doi:10.1625/jcam.10.1 fatcat:v56wdykn5jdxzlxozba3pcd3yu