Object-oriented databases: design and implementation

J.V. Joseph, S.M. Thatte, C.W. Thompson, D.L. Wells
1991 Proceedings of the IEEE  
Object-oriented database systems aim at meeting the data modeling, performance, cooperative design, and version management requirements of nexi-generation applications, such as CAD, CAM. CASE, hypermedia, and expert systems. These needy cannot be met with conventional database systems. which have been developed primarily for business and jnanciul applications. Object-oriented database (OODB) systems repre-Jent the confluence of ideas from object-orientedprogra}nmlng languages cmd dutabase
more » ... ement. The paper presents key features of OODB's, pro1,ides a taronomy of approaches to OODB 's, and discusses key OODB urchitecturul and implementation issues, design alternatives, and tradeoffs. It provides a brief summa? of a variety of OODB systems, both research prototypes and commercial systems. Finally, it discusses industr? efforts to uccelerute a comerisus that can lead to standards in the OODB area.
doi:10.1109/5.64382 fatcat:i25xxjqpyjfihemxkuimzkejjm