Mimoza Canga, Irene Malagnino, Alketa Qafmolla, Edit Xhajanka, Vito A. Malagnino
2022 Wiadomosci lekarskie (Warsaw, Poland : 1960)  
The aim: To evaluate the impact of diabetes mellitus on the oral health. Materials and methods: This is an observational study. In the present research were taken into consideration 300 patients. The study sample consisted of 191 males, respectively (63.7%) of them and 109 females (36.3%) of the participants. Results: In the current study, we analyzed the oral health of diabetic patients within the age class of 11–80 years. We divided them into seven age groups: 11-20, 21-30, 31–40, 41–50,
more » ... , 61–70, and 71-80 years. Based on the results of the current study it was observed that 83.7% of patients were affected by gingivitis. The results of our study show that dental caries prevalence was 68.7 % and the prevalence of missing teeth among patients with diabetes mellitus was 78.7%. According to the ANOVA test, high blood sugar values had a direct impact on the manifestation of gingivitis and there it was a strong correlation between them P-value = .000. Males with diabetes mellitus were more affected by dental caries and this was indicated by the P-value= .02, in comparison to females who recorded a P-value = .03. The relation between gender males and missing teeth was highly significant P-value = .001. Conclusions: The present study proved that diabetes mellitus is risk factor for oral health. The authors studied this group of patients exposed to high blood glucose levels and found out that oral diseases were high in these patients.
doi:10.36740/wlek202204101 pmid:35633342 fatcat:zwtq3qzfhneqhatjxqku2evtfm