Repérer le nord : le sublime de l'astronomie et la géodésie chez Maupertuis

Sheldon Huggins
2019 Viaggiatori  
This article examines the theoretical debates of geodesy, astronomy and the question of the arctic sublime. Maupertuis' voyage to the equator and the arctic was commissioned in order to determine the shape of the polar caps. The expedition was a testament of astronomical and geodesic techniques. Maupertuis painstakingly analyzed the physical, astronomical and cosmological evidence and conclusions presented by his predecessor Cassini. The precision of this complex methodological process not only
more » ... denounces the incoherent and disparate findings of Cassini, but more importantly engages the reader himself in evaluating the authenticity of Maupertuis' own observations and conclusions. The author presents descriptions of the hardships and treacherous conditions endured by his team along the arctic journey to Lapland. This less than idyllic Northern geographical landscape endeavors to undertake a theoretical discussion and understanding of the arctic sublime.
doi:10.26337/2532-7623/huggins doaj:ec01a67414c74efcae657003064d0012 fatcat:li7ajcxvazbzxgaxv3lvb2aoty