Electrophysiological characterisation of the classical TRP channel TRPC5

Marcus Semtner, Pharmakologisches Institut, Plant, Timothy (Prof. Dr.)
Classical TRP channels (TRPC) are Ca(2+)-permeable, unselective cation channels that are activated by PLC-dependent intracellular pathways. Although most members of this subfamily were cloned at least 10 years ago, functional data on some of their biophysical properties are still not available. The main aim of this study was to investigate the properties of TRPC5, and to compare them with those of other members of the TRPC subfamily. In the present study, TRPC5 was characterised to be a
more » ... dependent channel that can be modulated directly by a multiplicity of extracellular elementary cations. The permeation of mono- or divalent cations through TRPC5 is unselective and determined by amino acids between the 5th and 6th transmembrane domain.
doi:10.17192/z2011.0363 fatcat:hsxf2nb27rdhphmjmh5oghbysq