Statistical Analysis of Agricultural Products of Iraq

Alaa Azeez, Abed Sc Statistics
Sunflower, Paddy and Dates is the fundamental yield in the pivot framework in Iraq country which is placed in the European piece of Iraq. As this zone is the primary sunflower growing district in Iraq, an extensive review was sorted out there so as to focus the employments of farming assets and their adequacy in sunflower generation in Iraq. Information aggregated through a poll flowed to 182 farming undertakings in Iraq areas in the years 2007-2012 generation year were utilized as a part of
more » ... study. The inspected areas were arranged in 3 gatherings as per information utilized for sunflower production of every unit territory. It was discovered that homestead size/land territory was the fundamental creation calculate every 3 gatherings. The ANOVA test is a test of the null hypothesis that the means of all of the groups are equal, versus the alternative hypothesis that the means are not all equal. The type of ANOVA test we are doing is the simplest ANOVA test, and it is just a generalization of the t-test of difference in means of two groups to the situation in which we have three or more groups. You can think of the two-group situation, in which we apply the t-test for the difference in two means, as a specific case of the more general ANOVA test. By analyzing the values of sunflower, paddy and dates production in according to area is done by using above mentioned two methods (T-test, ANOVA) and the results obtained will be presented.