A Method of Firing Nearly Invisible 2D Code with Public/Secret Information onto Ceramic Products
公開/秘密情報を格納したnearly invisibleな2次元コードをセラミックス製品に焼き付ける方法の提案とその評価

真樹 藤川, 大二 大澤, 英伍 西村, 宏太郎 五味, 秀樹 岩﨑, 敏明 原田, 直己 安達
2019 産業応用工学会論文誌  
We introduce a method for firing nearly invisible, two-dimensional (2D) code on ceramic product surfaces and a 2D codereader system, equipped with a smartphone and an ultraviolet (UV) light, to extract encoded character information (public and encrypted secret information). We created the nearly invisible 2D code to add character information to ceramic surfaces without impairing the ceramics' colors and patterns as much as possible. When irradiated by UV light, the code is visible to the naked
more » ... ye, emitting a pale-blue light. The 2D code-reader system uses a smartphone camera and a 2D code-recognition algorithm to extract character information from the 2D code reflected on the smartphone's display. However, only smartphones that have access to digital keys can decrypt the encrypted secret information. We successfully fired this 2D code on ceramic surfaces and extracted public and secret information by using iOS and Android-based 2D code-reader system. キーワード:SQRC,公開/秘密情報,nearly invisible な 2 次元コード Keywords : Secure Quick Response Code, public and secret information, nearly invisible 2D code.
doi:10.12792/jjiiae.7.2.57 fatcat:7vtfh2g2ebbphlwqoaznkllcfe