Stress Analysis of Thin Rimmed Spur Gear with Asymmetric Trochoid

Tufan Gurkan Yılmaz, Oguz Dogan, Fatih Karpat
2017 Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering   unpublished
Involute spur gears are widely used machine element in many industrial areas. Thin-rimmed spur gears are popular in applications where low weight design and high power transmission are required. The stress occurred on thin-rimmed spur gears are different from standard spur gears due to deformations on rim. For this reason, rim thickness is key parameter for stress analysis of thin-rimmed gears. As rim thickness decreases, the value of maximum bending stress increases and the location of maximum
more » ... location of maximum stress is moved bottom of tooth which results in fatigue life reduction. In this study, to decrease maximum bending stress and to move upper the critical point; asymmetric trochoid profile is proposed. Asymmetry is constituted with using rack cutter has different tip radius on sides. This allows using larger tip radius on one side. Firstly, 3D design of spur gear with thin rimmed is realized in CATIA precisely. Then gears are imported to ANSYS package for finite element analysis. Normal force is applied on HPSTC. The rim surface is not fixed to allow rim deformations. The effects of using asymmetric trochoid on value and location maximum bending stress of thin rimmed spur gears is obtained with conducted case studies.
doi:10.11159/icmie17.132 fatcat:xqodfeurnfflhfovgcbn5mxk4y