Hybrid Whale Optimization Algorithm for Resource Optimization in Cloud E-Healthcare Applications

Punit Gupta, Sanjit Bhagat, Dinesh Kumar Saini, Ashish Kumar, Mohammad Alahmadi, Prakash Chandra Sharma
2022 Computers Materials & Continua  
In the next generation of computing environment e-health care services depend on cloud services. The Cloud computing environment provides a real-time computing environment for e-health care applications. But these services generate a huge number of computational tasks, real-time computing and comes with a deadline, so conventional cloud optimization models cannot fulfil the task in the least time and within the deadline. To overcome this issue many resource optimization meta-heuristic models
more » ... been proposed but these models cannot find a global best solution to complete the task in the least time and manage utilization with the least simulation time. In order to overcome existing issues, an artificial neural-inspired whale optimization is proposed to provide a reliable solution for healthcare applications. In this work, two models are proposed one for reliability estimation and the other is based on whale optimization technique and neural network-based binary classifier. The predictive model enhances the quality of service using performance metrics, makespan, least average task completion time, resource usages cost and utilization of the system. From results as compared to existing algorithms the proposed ANN-WHO algorithms prove to improve the average start time by 29.3%, average finish time by 29.5% and utilization by 11%.
doi:10.32604/cmc.2022.023056 fatcat:foyrh4bil5gbjk3m3oimfnwqxa