Protein Kinase C Isoform Activation and Endothelin-1 Mediated Defects in Myocyte Contractility After Cardioplegic Arrest and Reperfusion

R. Mukherjee
2006 Circulation  
Background-Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is released after hyperkalemic cardioplegic arrest (CA) and reperfusion and may contribute to contractile dysfunction. ET-1 receptor transduction causes activation of protein kinase C (PKC) isoforms, which can cause differential intracellular events. The goal of this study was to determine which PKC isoforms contribute to myocyte contractile dysfunction with ET-1 and CA. Methods and Results-Percent shortening (PERSHORT) and the time to 50% relaxation (T50) were
more » ... ation (T50) were measured in porcine (n ϭ22) left ventricular myocytes, randomized (minimum: 30 cells/group) to normothermia: (cell media for 2 hours/37°C), and CA: (2 hours/4°C, 24 mEq K ϩ solution followed by reperfusion in cell media), ET-1/CA: (100 pM ET-1 during CA). Studies were performed in the presence and absence of PKC inhibitors (500 nM) against the classical (Beta-I, Beta-II, Gamma) and novel (Epsilon, Eta) isoforms (myocytes from a minimum of 3 pigs per inhibitor). CA reduced PERSHORT by Ϸ35% from normothermia (PϽ0.05), which was further reduced with ET-1. PKC-Beta-II or PKC-Gamma inhibition increased PERSHORT from ET-1/CA as well as CA only (PϽ0.05). CA prolonged T50 by Ϸ19% from normothermia (PϽ0.05) and was further prolonged with ET-1. Inhibition of the classical PKC isoforms reduced T50 from ET-1/CA (PϽ0.05). Inhibition of novel PKC isoforms did not yield similar effects on either PERSHORT or T50 with ET-1/CA. Conclusions-Inhibition of the classical PKC isoforms relieved the negative inotropic and lusitropic effects of ET-1 after CA. These findings provide mechanistic support for developing targeted inhibitory strategies with respect to ET-1 signaling and myocyte contractile dysfunction with cardioplegic arrest and reperfusion. (Circulation. 2006;114[suppl I]:I-308-I-313.)
doi:10.1161/circulationaha.105.001388 pmid:16820591 fatcat:jmnqiqocd5f5viae2mz6ueqgla