Peculiarities of a glass-sludge mixture subjected to low-temperature treatment

Parra Parra, Marina Vlasova, Aguilar Márquez, Tamara Tomila
2017 Science of Sintering  
In this work, the specific features of formation of a composite material consisting of a mixture of low-melting ground glass and waste active sludge, which is used for sewage purification, have been considered. It has been established that, after low-temperature (600-700 °C) short-term (30-60 min) treatment, specimens consist of a porous glass shell and a core saturated by carbon form. With change in temperature treatment conditions, the thickness and porosity of the shell and the size of the
more » ... d the size of the carbonized core change, leading to different absorption and adsorption properties. Due to the presence of a carbon-containing core, specimens absorb efficiently methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution.
doi:10.2298/sos1703207p fatcat:stczliv3erhqjnljmafbrnilfu