On the KLM properties of a fuzzy DL with Typicality [article]

Laura Giordano
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The paper investigates the properties of a fuzzy logic of typicality. The extension of fuzzy logic with a typicality operator was proposed in recent work to define a fuzzy multipreference semantics for Multilayer Perceptrons, by regarding the deep neural network as a conditional knowledge base. In this paper, we study its properties. First, a monotonic extension of a fuzzy ALC with typicality is considered (called ALC^FT) and a reformulation the KLM properties of a preferential consequence
more » ... ion for this logic is devised. Most of the properties are satisfied, depending on the reformulation and on the fuzzy combination functions considered. We then strengthen ALC^FT with a closure construction by introducing a notion of faithful model of a weighted knowledge base, which generalizes the notion of coherent model of a conditional knowledge base previously introduced, and we study its properties.
arXiv:2106.00390v2 fatcat:yn3hdr4zl5hk5p2dqo57oqbhla