Genealogy of hard real-time preemptive scheduling algorithms for identical multiprocessors

Dirk Müller, Matthias Werner
2011 Open Computer Science  
AbstractWith the advent of multi-core computer systems, real-time (RT) scheduling on multiprocessors (MPs) is gaining more and more practical relevance. Basic algorithms developed in the 1970s or earlier are strongly influential on state-of-the-art preemptive hard real-time scheduling algorithms. These relationships will be revealed and visualized by four genealogies. Here, the two classification dimensions prioritization dynamics and migration dynamics serve as a framework for the
more » ... on. Finally, such genealogical reconstructions could even lead to the discovery of new algorithms. An extra look will be devoted to the group of fully dynamic scheduling algorithms with full migration in which algorithms can reach full utilization, neglecting scheduling and context switching overheads. The important question for a set of RT scheduling algorithms serving as a basis for more sophisticated ones will be dealt with.
doi:10.2478/s13537-011-0023-z fatcat:zbzshcwvivd2pe7xm23o54ux2q