How do Data Scientists Create Data Visualisations? Workflows, Experiences and Perceptions when visualising data with R [article]

Greg McInerny, Daniela Szabluk
This report presents the first results of the User Research conducted between May-August 2020 as part of the WAYS project, with a primary focus on the processes that data scientists go through when creating their data visualisations. Our goal is to characterise the visualisation workflows that people have developed, spanning the initial decision to plot their data, to the point where they consider a data visualisation to be finished. The results presented in this report gather the different
more » ... r the different perspectives the participants have over data visualisation processes, aiming to identify characteristics, trends, pain points, needs and emotions related to their data visualisation workflows.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14112635.v1 fatcat:6zyo2im5qfczboskmqs2qbxoqa