Formation of Porous Carbon Materials from Phenol-formaldehyde Resin and Their Adsorption Characteristics

Hirokazu Oda, Ryuzou Tohjo, Akio Nomura
1997 TANSO  
In order to obtain porous carbon materials with meso pores, Phenol-formaldehyde resin (PFR) containing sawdust was immersed in 50wt % KOH aqueous solution and heated to 973 -1223 K in N2 (PFR-saw dust). Meanwhile PF resin carbonized at 873K was mixed with an excess amount of KOH, and heated to 1073 K in N2 (PFR-KOH). The carbons thus obtained were investigated pore structure by measurement of BET surface area and pore-size distribution. Adsorption behaviour of Phenol, Aniline and DBS from
more » ... s solution was studied and adsorption tests for various kinds of organic vapor were also carried out. PFR-sawdust and PFR-KOH had surface areas of 1,500 and 3,000 m2/g, respectively. PFR-sawdust AC showed high adsorption capacity for liquid phase. A large number of open pores formed on the external surface whose diameter was 2 -5 gm. It seems that these pores were formed by gasification of sawdust with KOH.
doi:10.7209/tanso.1997.76 fatcat:ebg3uadso5cu7mv254mnu53puu