Camila Espinosa de SOUZA, Ívia Fernanda Mendes de Moraes RODRIGUES, Keli Bahia Felicíssimo ZOCRATTO, Camilla Aparecida Silva de OLIVEIRA
2017 Revista Brasileira de Odontologia Legal  
Violence is a major cause of morbidity/mortality in Brazilian cities, is considered a public health problem. Neglect and physical abuse are the main types of violence affecting children and adolescents. Injuries arising from physical trauma affect mainly the region of the head and neck, which actually puts the dentist in a strategic position for identification and reporting of cases of physical abuse. However, many professionals consider themselves unprepared when faced with this situation,
more » ... icularly the issue of fact be rarely addressed graduation. Objective: To describe, through a literature review, the types of abuse that can affect children, the main orofacial aspects that can be identified and the conduct that the professional should by adopting this situation. Conclusion: The types of violence most affecting children are neglect and physical abuse. Among the injuries caused by negligence, the dentist can identify cases of caries, involving suffering and pain as well as treatment abandonment. Among the physical injuries can identify oral lesions of soft and hard tissue. Through these situations, the professional must notify the event to the competent bodies such as the Guardian Council.
doi:10.21117/rbol.v4i1.75 fatcat:vwh4tibzdvavxaeyjfrup5r7x4