JPR volume 52 issue 4 Cover and Back matter

2015 Journal of Applied Probability  
1 FRANc;OIS ROUEFF AND PHILIPPE SOULIER. Convergence to stable laws in the space 9) 18 R. GARRA, E. ORSINGHER AND F. POLITO. State-dependent fractional point processes 37 RAUL FIERRO, VICTOR LEIVA AND JESPER M0LLER. The Hawkes process with different exciting functions and its asymptotic behavior 55 KRZYSZTOF DJ;BICKI, ENKELEJD HASHORVA AND NATALIA SOJA-KUKIEIA. Extremes of homogeneous Gaussian random fields 68 K. M. KOSINSKI AND M. MANDJES. Logarithmic asymptotics for multidimensional extremes
more » ... nder nonlinear scalings 82 VASSILI N. KOLOKOLTSOV. Stochastic monotonicity and duality of kth order with application to put-call symmetry of powered options 102 NURIA TORRADO AND SUBHASH C. KOCHAR. Stochastic order relations among parallel systems from Weibull distributions 117 PATRYK MIZIULA AND TOMASZ RYCHLIK. Extreme dispersions of semicoherent and mixed system lifetimes 129 ALBERT FERREIRO-CASTILLA AND KEES VAN SCHAlK. Applying the Wiener-Hopf Monte Carlo simulation technique for Levy processes to path functionals 149 HANCHAO WANG. The Euler scheme for a stochastic differential equation driven by pure jump semimartingales 167 BRUNO BUONAGUIDI AND PIETRO MULIERE. On the disorder problem for a negative binomial process 180 ERNST SCHULTE-GEERS AND WOLFGANG STADJE. Maximal percentages in P6lya's urn 191 DAVID LANDRIAULT, BIN LI AND HONGZHONG ZHANG. On the frequency of drawdowns for Brownian motion processes 209 ZHENGJUN JIANG. Optimal dividend policy when cash reserves follow a jump-diffusion process under Markov-regime switching 224 LI-JUAN CHENG AND YONG-HUA MAO. Eigentime identity for one-dimensional diffusion processes 238 YOUZHOU ZHOU. Ergodic inequality of two-parameter infinitely-many-alleles diffusion model 247 A. V. KALINKIN AND A. V. MASTIKHIN. A limit theorem for a Weiss epidemic process 258 ERIC FOXALL. New results for the two-stage contact process 269 BABAK HAJI AND SHELDON M. ROSS. A queueing loss model with heterogeneous skill based servers under idle time ordering policies 278 ERIKA. VAN DOORN. Representations for the decay parameter of a birth-death process based on the Courant-Fischer theorem Short Communications 290 HOSAM M. MAHMOUD AND MARK DANIEL WARD. Asymptotic properties of protected nodes in random recursive trees 298 MARTIN EGOZCUE AND LUIS FUENTES GARCIA. An optimal threshold strategy in the two-envelope problem with partial information Letter to the Editor 305 S. ASHRAFI AND M. ASADI. On Ashrafi and Asadi (2014) available at https://doi.
doi:10.1017/s0021900200113221 fatcat:ysacq4jdkjgg3moqimnggbfxle