Pathologischer Internetgebrauch und Behandlungsmotivation bezüglich Online-Interventionen

Michaela Nussdorfer
2011 unpublished
Objectives: There has been a lot of concern about pathological internetuse and its consequences since Kimberly Young (1996) mentioned it for the first time. With the prevalence of the internet new forms interventions arise. Online-interventions are accepted as an alternative to convential face-to-face interventions. The aim of the current study was to describe people´s attitude towards online-interventions and if internetuse and problems are affecting it. Methods: 87 internet users participated
more » ... in an online-survey, which included the "Internetsuchtskala" (Hahn & Jerusalem, 2001), the "Brief Symptom Inventory" (Franke, 2000) and a new developed inventory called "Haltung gegenüber internetbasierten Interventionen" with its subscales "positive attitude", "anonymity", "knowledge" und "new media". Results: Users with higher scores on the "Internetsuchskala" scored higher in "Haltung gegenüber internetbasierten Interventionen". Problems und internet are affecting the attitude towards online-interventions. Demographical characteristics showed no influence. Conclusion: Internet users who spend a lot of time online, who experience negative consequences and those with problems, show a positive attitude towards Online-interventions. The outcome of every therapy depends on a positive attitude.
doi:10.25365/thesis.16123 fatcat:dbuau5d5fzbn7nii2v6g4v5vka