Color Symbolism in the Works by Raphael and Mozart

Svetlana Prokhorenkova
2020 Известия Байкальского государственного университета  
Color symbolism in the works by Raphael and Mozart has not been studied thoroughly enough yet due to the complexity of this topic. The basis for the analysis of Raphael's and Mozart's creative approaches was G.V. Chicherin's method, aimed at revealing common and different aspects in them. The researcher has discovered internal relations between works of various kinds of art, between art and philosophy more than once. Famous poets and composers (A. Pushkin, J.W. Goethe, F. List) and also art
more » ... t) and also art experts and philosophers have studied Raphael's and Mozart's creative ideas and wrote fundamental works dedicated to various aspects of the artist's and composer's artwork. According to J.W. Goethe's and F. List's studies, Raphael's and Mozart's creations appear to be congenial. Romantic poets and artists took up Goethe's and List's ideas and developed them in their own fashion. E.T.A. Hoffmann was the first to pay attention to color symbolism in Mozart's works, and the coloration of Raphael's paintings influenced K. Bryullov. In the 20th century, G.V. Chicherin and H. Abert made their contribution to investigating a possible interrelation between Raphael's and Mozarts' works of art. In the article, the author considers an interpretation of the color on the fresco «The School of Athens» by Raphael and also in the songs and operas by Mozart.
doi:10.17150/2500-2759.2020.30(2).195-204 fatcat:ymxyarilnna6joexwubbwlkdvy