Gold nanoparticles assisted characterization of amine functionalized polystyrene multiwell plate and glass slide surfaces

Gunasekaran Dharanivasan, Thangavelu Rajamuthuramalingam, Denison Michael Immanuel Jesse, Nagappan Rajendiran, Krishnan Kathiravan
2014 Applied Nanoscience  
We demonstrated citrate-capped gold nanoparticles assisted characterization of amine functionalized polystyrene plate and glass slide surfaces through AuNPs staining method. The effect of AuNPs concentration on the characterization of amine modified surfaces was also studied with different concentration of AuNPs (ratios 1.0-0.0). 3-Aminopropylyl triethoxy silane has been used as amine group source for the surface modification. The interactions of AuNPs on modified and unmodified surfaces were
more » ... vestigated using atomic force microscopy and the dispersibility, and the aggregation of AuNPs was analyzed using UV-visible spectrophotometer. Water contact angle measurement and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) were used to further confirmation of amine modified surfaces. The aggregation of AuNPs in modified multiwell plate leads to the color change from red to purple and they are found to be adsorped on the modified surfaces. Aggregation and adsorption of AuNPs on the modified surfaces through the electrostatic interactions and the hydrogen bonds were revealed by XPS analysis. Remarkable results were found even in the very low concentration of AuNPs (ratio 0.2). This AuNPs staining method is simple, cost-effective, less time consuming, and required very low concentration of AuNPs. These results can be read out through the naked eye without the help of sophisticated equipments.
doi:10.1007/s13204-013-0290-1 fatcat:a6msglw2pjczziugy6jzmkzny4