Engineering Optically Switchable Transistors with Improved Performance by Controlling Interactions of Diarylethenes in Polymer Matrices [component]

The integration of photochromic molecules into semiconducting polymer matrices via blending has recently attracted a great deal of attention, as it provides the means to reversibly modulate the output signal of electronic devices by using light as a remote control. However, the structural and electronic interactions between photochromic molecules and semiconducting polymers is far from being fully understood. Here we perform a comparative investigation by combining two photochromic diarylethene
more » ... hromic diarylethene moieties possessing similar energy levels yet different propensity to aggregate with five prototypical polymer semiconductors exhibiting different energy levels and structural order, ranging from amorphous to semicrystalline. Our in-depth photochemical, structural, morphological and electrical characterization reveals that the photoresponsive behavior of thin-film transistors (TFTs) including polymer/diarylethenes blends as the active layer is governed by a complex interplay between the relative position of the energy levels and the polymer matrix microstructure. By matching the energy levels and optimizing the molecular packing, high-performance optically switchable organic thin-film transistors were fabricated. These findings represent a major step forward in the fabrication of light-responsive organic devices. rational design of molecular photoswitches/semiconducting polymers blends based high-performance light-responsive multifunctional optoelectronic devices for information storage and telecommunications. ASSOCIATED CONTENT Supporting Information. Details on materials; light irradiation; devices fabrication; devices characterization; UV/visible absorption; GIWAXS; transfer curves were described in supporting information. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at
doi:10.1021/jacs.0c02961.s001 fatcat:47qtxwj4dbg7tplkts5rl7cmna