Review of Advancement in Variable Valve Actuation of Internal Combustion Engines

Zheng Lou, Guoming Zhu
2020 Applied Sciences  
The increasing concerns of air pollution and energy usage led to the electrification of the vehicle powertrain system in recent years. On the other hand, internal combustion engines were the dominant vehicle power source for more than a century, and they will continue to be used in most vehicles for decades to come; thus, it is necessary to employ advanced technologies to replace traditional mechanical systems with mechatronic systems to meet the ever-increasing demand of continuously improving
more » ... tinuously improving engine efficiency with reduced emissions, where engine intake and the exhaust valve system represent key subsystems that affect the engine combustion efficiency and emissions. This paper reviews variable engine valve systems, including hydraulic and electrical variable valve timing systems, hydraulic multistep lift systems, continuously variable lift and timing valve systems, lost-motion systems, and electro-magnetic, electro-hydraulic, and electro-pneumatic variable valve actuation systems.
doi:10.3390/app10041216 fatcat:saxgpl7kizc67dzx2lznnffbju