On Specification Logics for Algebra-Coalgebra Structures: Reconciling Reachability and Observability [chapter]

Corina Cîrstea
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The paper builds on recent results regarding the expressiveness of modal logics for coalgebras in order to introduce a specification framework for coalgebraic structures which offers support for modular specification. An equational specification framework for algebraic structures is obtained in a similar way. The two frameworks are then integrated in order to account for structures comprising both a coalgebraic (observational) component and an algebraic (computational) component. The
more » ... results in logics whose sentences are either coalgebraic (modal) or algebraic (equational) in nature, but whose associated notions of satisfaction take into account both the coalgebraic and the algebraic features of the structures being specified. Each of the logics thus obtained also supports modular specification. Research supported by St. John's College, Oxford. 1 In an abstract setting, the notions of subalgebra and homomorphic image are defined relatively to a factorisation system for the category of algebras in question.
doi:10.1007/3-540-45931-6_7 fatcat:o4ggwwrhnjdpdoqhgk4xcwyk7i