1911 The Lancet  
these Irish towns, each of which had in 1901 a population below 15,000, the mean rate of infant mortality last year was equal to 106 per 1000, exceeding the rate in London, with an estimated population little short of five millions, by 3 per 1000. The proportion of deaths under one year to births registered affords a fairly trustworthy test of the health condition of a population, and has, at the present time, the additional advantage of not being invalidated by uncertainty as to the local
more » ... s to the local numbers of urban populations. The unsatisfactory health condition of the Irish towns, compared with that of the far larger English and Welsh towns is, indeed, beyond doubt, and it is, moreover, a fact that the death-rate at all ages in these Irish towns shows a far larger proportional excess on the same rate in the English towns, than the rate of infant mortality, although this excess cannot be accurately measured until the results of ,the recent Census are available. EDUCATION "AL FRESCO." "THE visitor to the Forum Romanum (and in these days his name is Legion) may witness," writes an Italian correspondent, "an educational method interesting in itself, well worthy of being considered, and, where possible, of being ,adopted in practice. He will see relays of little boys, about the ' fourth-form age' in English schools, taken round the monuments and informed as to the events associated in chronological sequence with each. In that great centre of Roman life, Republican and Imperial, the boy is thus made ,to realise, with a vividness not to be derived from books, the evolution of the historic drama, in contact with many of the features, architectural and artistic, among which it was enacted; surrounded, moreover, by the landscape and even
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