Queue Management using Optimal Margin method to Improve Bottleneck Link Performance

Amr Radwa
2015 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
In network routers, buffers are used to resolve congestion and reduce packet loss rate whenever congestion occurs at bottleneck link. Most of the existing methods to manage such buffers focus only on queue-length-based control as one loop which have some issues of low link utilization and system stability. In this paper, we propose a novel framework which exploits two-loop control method, e.g. queue-length and congestion window size, combined with optimal margin method to facilitate parameter
more » ... ilitate parameter choices. Simulation results in ns-2 demonstrate that bottleneck link performance can be improved with higher link utilization () and shorter queue length () than the current deployed scheme in commercial routers (RED and DropTail).
doi:10.9717/kmms.2015.18.12.1475 fatcat:cyidx5dvrbgflg6lg47ojcpp6i