9707-Computational Geometry

Rolf Klein, Hagen, Raimund Seidel
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The fifth Dagstuhl seminar on computational geometry was attended by 39 participants from 11 countries. The aim of this workshop was twofold: Firstly, to provide a forum for discussions about the interplay between the theory and practice of geometric computing. In particular it gave a chance to hear about (and maybe influence) the nascent efforts of various groups to create libraries of geometric algorithms. Secondly, the workshop provided an opportunity to hear and present some of the latest
more &raquo; ... velopments in computer graphics, geometric algorithms, combinatorial geometry, and other related topics. This report contains the abstracts of all the 29 talks, in the order as they were given at the meeting, as well as abstracts of the problems presented at the open problem session. Compiled by Rolf Klein (open problem session based on notes by Ricky Pollack). 1
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