The Study of Consumers' Propensity and Characteristic Perceptions Related to Mobile Commerce Influencing on Satisfaction of Use and Intention of Reuse

Ting Lu, Seung Sin Lee
2018 Family and Environment Research  
There has been an increasing and widespread use of smartphones to make consumer purchases. Given the stark increases in the sales of business transactions using mobile phones, it is obvious that mobile phones have become major mediums for consumer purchases. Through mobile phones, people can make their purchases anytime, anywhere, which leads their impulse of consumption directly to actual actions of consumption. Consequently, mobile commerce has become widely spread and the competition of the
more » ... competition of the market has intensified. The main findings and implications of this study are as follows. First, it is shown that, among the features of mobile commerce, elements of fun, usefulness, convenience, immediateness, and security affect mobile commerce user satisfaction. Second, among mobile commercerelated consumers' propensity, innovative consumption tendency appears to impact mobile commerce user satisfaction and repurchase intention. Third, recognition of elements in regards to fun, usefulness, convenience, immediateness, and security among features of mobile commerce affect consumers' intention to repurchase mobile commerce. Future recognition for mobile commerce has a direct impact on increasing consumers' repurchase intentions. Last, a higher mobile commerce user satisfaction leads to the higher repurchase intentions.
doi:10.6115/fer.2018.028 fatcat:2su23xtckzg23jcn6g4hgn62da