Role of Hydrogen Peroxide in Improving Potato Tuber Quality

2012 Alexandria Science Exchange Journal An International Quarterly Journal of Science Agricultural Environments  
Four potato cultivars were planted during the summer seasons of 2009 and 2010 at Sabaheya Horticultural Research Station, Alexandria governorate, Egypt. The experiments were conducted to study the effect of hydrogen peroxide in increasing the proportion of dry matter in potato tubers which is very important in the production of chips and French fries. The growing plants were sprayed twice a week with hydrogen peroxide in four concentrations (zero, 20, 40 and 60 mM). Tubers' starch percentage
more » ... significantly increased with increasing the hydrogen peroxide up to 60 mM. The highest percentage of tubers' dry matter was possessed when plants was sprayed with 40 mM of hydrogen peroxide. Parenchyma cell diameter was affected with hydrogen peroxide concentrations, where, the data detected that the ratio of increasing in tuber parenchyma cell diameter reached 9.34% as compared to with non-treated plants. It could be said that spraying hydrogen peroxide on potato plants at the rate of 40 mM had positive effect on potato yield and tubers' dry matter percentage. Sensory evaluation for potato French fries and chips showed that zero and 20 mM of hydrogen peroxide treatments possessed the highest acceptability of the produced French fries and chips. Anushka and Universal potato cultivars were the best for producing French fries at the levels of zero, 20 and 40 mM hydrogen peroxide, while Dora cultivar was elected for producing potato chips at all hydrogen peroxide concentrations.
doi:10.21608/asejaiqjsae.2012.3145 fatcat:pr4laqpudbcn7fhm6ezxibngqq