Mohammadtabrej Nakum, Raj Kansagara, Kishan Chovatiya, Avesh Khan
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The ladder is among the equipment that helps to carry out different work process in ease manner at various industrial as well as residential areas. This paper is based on the design and fabrication of a compact and foldable ladder that serves multiple purposes to overcome the limitations of current ladder design. The ladder so formed by the modifications proposed by us will not only perform the basic functions but also can be used for material handling purpose. Thus we propose to design and
more » ... e to design and fabricate a light weight, compact and portable multipurpose ladder .The ladder available in the local market are heavy, requires a lot of space, serves a single purpose and are not as stable as they should be. The whole project involved various methods like concept design, system design followed by fabrication and testing. Testing was carried out at various locations so as to make sure that the product is functional and achieves the targeted objectives successfully.