Effect of phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis for primary acute angle closure glaucoma

Qing-Wei Du, Li-Lun Wang, Yan-Qin Feng
誗 AIM: To observe the clinical effect of phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis in the treatment of primary acute angle-closure glaucoma with cataract. 誗METHODS: A retrospective analysis included of 34 cases (42 eyes) diagnosed as primary angle-closure glaucoma with cataract in our hospital. The patients were treated with phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis and intraocular lens implantation. Preoperative and postoperative visual acuities, intraocular pressure
more » ... cular pressure (IOP) , chamber angle changes and complications were recorded with following-up for 3mo ~ 1a. The clinical effect was compared between before and after treatment. 誗RESULTS: Best corrected visual acuity was improved in 36 eyes (86%) after operation. The IOP of 2 eyes was above 25mmHg after operation 1wk, and the rest was controlled in 11 ~ 20mmHg, the average level (14. 6 依 5. 7) mmHg. There were statistical differences at pre-and post-operation (P < 0. 05). The postoperative cases of the anterior chamber angle closure of more than 180毅 were significantly lower than that of the preoperative (P<0. 05). 誗 CONCLUSION: Phacoemulsification combined with multiple goniosynechialysis in the treatment of angle-closure glaucoma patients with cataract is safe, convenient, and effective. It can significantly open anterior chamber angle, reduce IOP, and improve visual acuity. 誗