Helicity skewed quark distributions of the nucleon and chiral symmetry

M. Penttinen, M. V. Polyakov, K. Goeke
2000 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We compute the helicity skewed quark distributions $\widetilde{H}$ and $\widetilde{E}$ in the chiral quark-soliton model of the nucleon. This model emphasizes correctly the role of spontaneously broken chiral symmetry in structure of nucleon. It is based on the large-N_c picture of the nucleon as a soliton of the effective chiral lagrangian and allows to calculate the leading twist quark- and antiquark distributions at a low normalization point. We discuss the role of chiral symmetry in the
more » ... symmetry in the helicity skewed quark distributions $\widetilde{H}$ and $\widetilde{E}$. We show that generalization of soft pion theorems, based on chiral Ward identities, leads in the region of -\xi < x < \xi to the pion pole contribution to $\widetilde{E}$ which dominates at small momentum transfer.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.62.014024 fatcat:azy4c7edqjatvksvkyptkkdfu4