Automated systematic testing for constraint-based interactive services

Patrice Godefroid, Lalita J. Jagadeesan, Radha Jagadeesan, Konstantin Läufer
2000 Software engineering notes  
Automated systematic testing for constraint-based interactive services, in Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGSOFT international symposium on Foundations of software engineering: twenty-first century applications, ser. SIGSOFT '00/FSE-8. ABSTRACT Constraint-based languages can express in a concise way the complex logic of a new generation of interactive services for applications such as banking or stock trading, that must support multiple types of interfaces for accessing the same data. These
more » ... automatic speech-recognition interfaces where inputs may be provided in any order by users of the service. We study in this paper how to systematically test event-driven applications developed using such languages. We show how such applications can be tested automatically, without the need for any manually-written test cases, and efficiently, by taking advantage of their capability of taking unordered sets of events as inputs.
doi:10.1145/357474.355051 fatcat:jyf6t7splbf45ndaexyxoijosu