Transonic Aerodynamic Losses due to Turbine Airfoil, Suction Surface Film Cooling

D. J. Jackson, K. L. Lee, P. M. Ligrani, P. D. Johnson, F. O. Soechting
1999 Volume 3: Heat Transfer; Electric Power; Industrial and Cogeneration   unpublished
The effects of suction surface film cooling on aerodynamic losses are investigated using an experimental apparatus designed especially for this purpose. A symmetric airfoil with the same transonic Mach number distribution on both sides is employed. Mach numbers along the airfoil surface range from 0.4 to 1.24 and match values on the suction surface of airfoils from operating aeroengines. Film cooling holes are located on one side of the Downloaded From:
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doi:10.1115/99-gt-260 fatcat:ompdm5x5wfedzpkp42rph4e7mq