New State Identification Method for Rotating Machinery under Variable Load Conditions Based on Hybrid Entropy Features and Joint Distribution Adaptation

Xiaoming Xue, Nan Zhang, Suqun Cao, Wei Jiang, Jianzhong Zhou, Liyan Liu
2020 Complexity  
Fault identification under variable operating conditions is a task of great importance and challenge for equipment health management. However, when dealing with this kind of issue, traditional fault diagnosis methods based on the assumption of the distribution coherence of the training and testing set are no longer applicable. In this paper, a novel state identification method integrated by time-frequency decomposition, multi-information entropies, and joint distribution adaptation is proposed
more » ... or rolling element bearings. At first, fast ensemble empirical mode decomposition was employed to decompose the vibration signals into a collection of intrinsic mode functions, aiming at obtaining the multiscale description of the original signals. Then, hybrid entropy features that can characterize the dynamic and complexity of time series in the local space, global space, and frequency domain were extracted from each intrinsic mode function. As for the training and testing set under different load conditions, all data was mapped into a reproducing space by joint distribution adaptation to reduce the distribution discrepancies between datasets, where the pseudolabels of the testing set and the final diagnostic results were obtained by the k-nearest neighbor algorithm. Finally, five cases with the training and testing set under variable load conditions were used to demonstrate the performance of the proposed method, and comparisons with some other diagnosis models combined with the same features and other dimensionality reduction methods were also discussed. The analysis results show that the proposed method can effectively recognize the multifaults of rolling element bearings under variable load conditions with higher accuracies and has sound practicability.
doi:10.1155/2020/7247195 fatcat:hameiyayandg5cbzero3dhirbm