Full Paper Kinetics of dissolution of iron oxide in clay in hydrochloric acid solutions

U Sultana, A Kurny
Samples of clay containing 8.15% iron oxide and 27.49% alumina were leached in hydrochloric acid. The effects of concentration of acid, time and temperature on the rate of dissolution of iron contained in the clay sample was investigated. Temperatures studied in this investigation were in the range 40 0 C to 80 0 C, concentrations of hydrochloric acid were in the range 0.2M to 2M. The diffusion controlled reaction model i.e., t/ô = 1-(2/ 3)X-(1-X) 2/3 seemed to be the most appropriate one to
more » ... propriate one to fit the kinetic data of leaching of clay in hydrochloric acid. The Arrhenius activation energy for Hydrochloric acid leaching was found to be 50.82 kJ/mole.