Experimental Analysis on Electrochemical Machining of Hastealloy Material

Yadidya Dutt M, Leo Kumar S.P
2021 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Combinatorial and Optimization, ICCAP 2021, December 7-8 2021, Chennai, India   unpublished
The research objective is to carry out experimental analysis on Electrochemical Machining(ECM) of Hastealloy material. Hastealloy is a form of Nickel based superalloy material provides application in the field of chemical, aerospace and power plant industries due to high strength and corrosion resistance behaviour. The influence of ECM process variables include current, frequency and duty cycle on machining time and overcut are investigated with Sodium Nitrate and Sulphuric acid electrolyte.
more » ... uchi L9 Orthogonal Array based Design of Experiments (DOE) were carried out to produce a hole of size 500µm diameter using Tungsten Electrode. From the results it was observed that current has primary influence on the machining time and overcut and duty cycle has secondary influence. From the investigation it is inferred that overcut is mainly affected by current. It is due to the effect of stray current and high current densities near the machining zone.
doi:10.4108/eai.7-12-2021.2315109 fatcat:3y2teiwa2bcblpwjr2zqdkb6dm