On the reality clarified by art

Rui Penha
In this article, I propose that there is a reality that can be clarified by art. This mode of reality — the ontologically subjective — is by definition inaccessible to science. Artistic creation hence stands as the academic endeavour which is better equipped to provide a suitable ground for its clarification, here understood as providing the means for a shared comprehension of such reality. However, not all artistic creation aims to do that and, if misdirected — as when it follows research
more » ... ds and procedures borrowed from science —, it can't help but fail to do so. We thus face the challenge of defining a focus that is specific to artistic creation and that can help art to accomplish its full potential within the academy.
doi:10.34624/impar.v3i2.14149 fatcat:dc6q2hooarbdrprctqv4kmry64