Plastic optical fibers branch out

P. Polishuk
2006 IEEE Communications Magazine  
Plastic Optical Fibers(POF) have been overshadowed in the last decade by the success of glass optical fibers. As a result, POF had been relegated to low bit rate and short distance applications. Recent technological advances and the emergence of a killer application in the automotive industry have propelled POF into the limelight of a lower cost alternative to glass fiber or copper at medium distances and bit rates of 10 gbps. This paper reviews the history of POF , the technical developments
more » ... ical developments that have created a buzz about POF, and the applications which are propelling POF into the mainstream. In addition, POF technology exhibits similar properties attributed to "Disruptive technologies". When people hear of optical fibers, they immediately think of glass. Few people, including professionals in the business, know about plastic optical fibers (POFs), which predate those made of glass. Because glass fibers have certain advantages, they have dominated the market, while POFs have remained largely in the background. Recent developments in technology and applications, however, have burnished the image of POFs, and they are finding a larger market with technology companies worldwide. Today, a new enthusiasm permeates the plastics side of optical fibers. The paper reviews the development if plastic optical fibers, emerging applications, and technological developments.
doi:10.1109/mcom.2006.1705991 fatcat:jtdmn4pq7fazlo7uz4jhozm7km