Experimental Investigation on Bacterial Concrete Using Bacillus Subtitles

Saradha P, Vidhya K, Visali S
2019 International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation  
This Project deals with the present investigation is to obtain the performance of the concrete by the microbiologically induced special growth. One such has led to the development of a very special concrete known as bacterial concrete or otherwise called as self-healing concrete where the bacteria is induced in the mortars and concrete to heal up the faults. Researchers with different bacteria proposed different concrete. Here an attempt was made by using the bacteria "Bacillus Subtitles". The
more » ... tudy showed a significant increase in the compressive strength due to the addition of bacteria. When 30ml of Bacillus subtitles is added in M20 grade concrete is attains maximum compressive strength. In Concrete self-healing property is successfully achieved due to addition of bacteria. Bacillus subtitles is used to induce Caco 3 precipitation. The main part of work will focus on how the right conditions can be created for the bacteria not only to concrete but to produce as much calcite as needed to repair cracks.
doi:10.34256/irjmtcon27 fatcat:qwghd2cpgfd3hcuzjubwxxn56m