The Mr 28,000 gap junction proteins from rat heart and liver are different but related

B J Nicholson, D B Gros, S B Kent, L E Hood, J P Revel
1985 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The sequence of the amino-terminal 32 residues of the rat heart Mr 28,000 gap junction protein presented here allows, for the first time, a sequence comparison of gap junctional proteins from different tissues (heart and liver). Comparison of the rat heart gap junction protein sequence and that available from rat liver reveals 43% sequence identity and conservative changes at an additional 25% of the positions. Both proteins exhibit a hydrophobic domain which could represent a transmembrane
more » ... a transmembrane span of the junction. This result unequivocally demonstrates the existence of at least two forms of the gap junction protein. As yet, no homology is evident between the gap junctional proteins of either heart or liver and main intrinsic protein from rat eye lens.
pmid:2987225 fatcat:vjnojsghxveohkypbhxqyfl4vq