Altered Temporal Dynamic Intrinsic Brain Activity in Late Blindness

Xin Huang, Zhi Wen, Chen-Xing Qi, Yan Tong, Han-Dong Dan, Bao-Jun Xie, Yin Shen
2020 BioMed Research International  
Previous neuroimaging studies demonstrated that visual deprivation triggers significant crossmodal plasticity in the functional and structural architecture of the brain. However, prior neuroimaging studies focused on the static brain activity in blindness. It remains unknown whether alterations of dynamic intrinsic brain activity occur in late blindness (LB). This study investigated dynamic intrinsic brain activity changes in individuals with late blindness by assessing the dynamic amplitude of
more » ... low-frequency fluctuations (dALFFs) using sliding-window analyses. Forty-one cases of late blindness (LB) (29 males and 12 females, mean age: 39.70±12.66 years) and 48 sighted controls (SCs) (17 males and 31 females, mean age: 43.23±13.40 years) closely matched in age, sex, and education level were enrolled in this study. The dALFF with sliding-window analyses was used to compare the difference in dynamic intrinsic brain activity between the two groups. Compared with SCs, individuals with LB exhibited significantly lower dALFF values in the bilateral lingual gyrus (LING)/calcarine (CAL) and left thalamus (THA). LB cases also showed considerably decreased dFC values between the bilateral LING/CAL and the left middle frontal gyrus (MFG) and between the left THA and the right LING/cerebelum_6 (CER) (two-tailed, voxel-level P<0.01, Gaussian random field (GRF) correction, cluster-level P<0.05). Our study demonstrated that LB individuals showed lower-temporal variability of dALFF in the visual cortices and thalamus, suggesting lower flexibility of visual thalamocortical activity, which might reflect impaired visual processing in LB individuals. These findings indicate that abnormal dynamic intrinsic brain activity might be involved in the neurophysiological mechanisms of LB.
doi:10.1155/2020/1913805 pmid:32685447 pmcid:PMC7327610 fatcat:nv4bw2bz7bhqbolid3qtxe6c2i