The woody plants of Manhattan in their winter condition [book]

A. S. Hitchcock
1893 unpublished
When the leaf-scars are oblique, the stipule-scars, if present, are unequal, the longer being on the side toward which the hud is placed. The arrangement iphyllotaxyl of alternate leaves on the twig is usually two-ranked, gve-ranked. or eight-ranked. In the lirst or one-half phyllotaxy, the third leaf-scar, starting at any point, is directly over the first; in the second, or two-fifths phyllotaxy, the sixth leaf-scar is over the first; while in three-eighths phyllotaxy, the ninth is directly
more » ... inth is directly over the first, that is, there are eight leaves in a cycle, which consists of a spiral passing three times around the stem. The phyllotaxy may vary from two-fifths to three-eighths in the same species or even in different twigs on the same plant.
doi:10.5962/bhl.title.51451 fatcat:y34btxuevvev3dztiekr4fsljq