Shamaila Jaffery, Priya Sharma
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Through this project, we interviewed many of the e-biker and found that there are four benefits unique to the riding of e-bikes: Speed, Acceleration, Green, and Enabling. They are fast so that e-bikers can cut down their commute time and allow them to ride more frequently than if they ride traditional bikes, especially during hot and windy days. The ease of acceleration makes obeying stop signs or riding uphill less onerous and provides e-bikers with more confidence when only vehicle lanes are
more » ... vehicle lanes are available to bikers. They also provide those who, for various reasons, don't or can't ride traditional bikes an option for green transportation. Finally, they enable people with certain disabilities, because of illness or aging or time constraint, to continue to bike, with the help of electric motors when needed. The barriers to the expansion of e-bike ridership are Cost (Rs.33000 on average), Heavy weight, Infrastructure (unsafe roads and communities, and lack of emergency charging), and policy (some bike lanes are not open to e-bikes). However, those barriers can be overcome with some small government and business interventions. In this we use vibration sensor to inform about the direction instructions to the deaf person, we also use accident alert notifying system through which a message is send to their family members with location in case of accident. We use TP4056 module for making of balance charger in this we also use LM317 IC for protection.