Modeling and Control of Propellant Slosh Dynamics in Observation Spacecraft with Actuator Saturations

Anthony BOURDELL, Jean-Marc BIANNIC, Helene EVAIN, Christelle PITTET, Sabine MORENO, Laurent BURLION
In this paper, contributions to the modeling and mitigation of propellant sloshing disruptive torques, arising in particular during attitude maneuvers, are presented. The perturbation is modeled as an uncertain LPV system whose time-varying parameters are identified using CFD data. Relying on this model, the mitigation strategy consists in the design of a robust parameter-varying sloshing torque observer by means of the structured multi-model H framework. The estimated torque is then used to
more » ... rove a satisfying attitude controller initially designed on a dry spacecraft. Finally the system reference is modified, using the reference governor framework, to ensure that the actuator capabilities are not exceeded.
doi:10.13009/eucass2019-283 fatcat:kvaaqmwhgjabbg6sxdak2h3gq4