PENGARUH SUPLEMENTASI HIDROLISAT BULU AYAM DAN MINERAL ORGANIK UNTUK MENINGKATKAN KECERNAAN PROTEIN KASAR PADA RANSUM SAPI Effect of Supplementation of Hydrolyzate Chicken Feather and Organic Minerals to improve Digestibility of Crude Fiber and Crude Protein in Cattle Rations

Rahdian Wijaya, Muhtarudin, Rudy Sutrisna
This study aims to optimize the utilization of agro-industry waste through supplementation of hydrolyzed chicken feather and organic minerals in the ration as an effort to improve the digestibility of crude protein and crude fiber in ruminant. This study used 3 beef cows. The experimental design used is a Latin square design 3x3 with 3 cows as a rows and 3 periods as columns. The treatment given is R0: basal diet (30% + 70% forage concentrate) ; R1: basal diet + 3% hydrolyzed chicken feathers ;
more » ... chicken feathers ; R2: organic macro mineral (0.5% organic Ca, Mg 0.04% organic) and organic micro minerals (40 ppm organic Zn, 10 ppm Cu organic, organic Se 0.10 ppm, and 0.30 ppm of organic Cr). The data obtained were tested by analysis of variance. The results showed that the effect of the addition of hydrolyzate chicken feathers 3% NaOH and organic macro and micro minerals in the diet was not significantly different (P> 0.05) on the digestibility of protein and crude fiber in the ration of cattle rations.