Multi-centered black holes in gauged D=5 supergravity

James T. Liu, W.A. Sabra
2001 Physics Letters B  
One of the important consequences of the no-force condition for BPS states is the existence of stable static multi-center solutions, at least in ungauged supergravities. This observation has been at the heart of many developments in brane physics, including the construction of intersecting branes and reduced symmetry D-brane configurations corresponding to the Coulomb branch of the gauge theory. However the search for multi-center solutions to gauged supergravities has proven rather elusive.
more » ... rather elusive. Because of the background curvature, it appears such solutions cannot be static. Nevertheless even allowing for time dependence, general multi-center solutions to gauged supergravity have yet to be constructed. In this letter we investigate the construction of such solutions for the case of D=5, N=2 gauged supergravity coupled to an arbitrary number of vector multiplets. Formally, we find a family of time dependent multi-center black hole solutions which are easily generalized to the case of AdS supergravities in general dimensions. While these are not true solutions, as they have a complex metric and gauge potential, they may be related to a Wick rotated theory or to a theory where the coupling is taken to be imaginary. These solutions thus provide a partial realization of true multi-center black-holes in gauged supergravities.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(00)01350-2 fatcat:fybvbauyvjcppeqzlghsggpwsm