Geopressured geothermal drilling and completions technology development needs [report]

A.B. Maish
1981 unpublished
Geopressured goethermal formations found in the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast region and elsewhere have the potential to supply large quantities of energy in the form of natural gas and warm brine ( 2 0 0 " to 3 0 0°F ) . Advances are needed, however, in hardware technology, well design technology, and drilling and completion practices to enable production and testing of exploratory wells and t o enable economic warranted. This report identifies needed technology for drilling and completing
more » ... g and completing geopressured geothermal source and commercial recovery of this resource. prioritized list of tasks to develop necessary technology has been prepared. T-asks listed in this report address a wide range o f technology-ne,eds including new diagnostic techniques, control technologies, hardware, instrumentation, operational procedure guidelines and further research to define failure modes and control techniques. Tasks are organized into the functional areas of well design, drilling, casing installation, cementing, completions, logging, brine b production of the resource should further development be . reinjection wells t o reduce the cost and to accelerate A comprehensive reinjection ___ and workovers. __ DISCLAIMER This book w a prepared as en acco~nt 01 wOTk mnrared by an mercy 01 the Unlted Stater Government Nellher the Unlted Stater Government ~r any mency thereof. nor any of their employee$. maker any warranty. exprerr or implied. or assumes any legal liabllhly or rerwnsibiiity for the accurdcy. compleienes%. or uwfulne%3 01 m y 8nformation. apparatur. product. or process dlrclored. Or repreymi that ~t r YY vould not #"fringe privatelv owned rights. Reference herein to any I~e c l I l c mmmricial product. pmcw~. or ~r v i c e by trade mme. rrademark. manufacturer. or otherwlw. does not necerrarlly ~o n i f i~u f e or moly 81s endorsement. rmmmendation. or favoring by the United Stater Government or any agency thereof. The view and opinlonr 01 author% exprerwd here#" do not necersarilv slate or reflect those 01 the United States GoMrnmenr or m y mency thereat.
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