Musculoskeletal Conditions May Increase The Risk Of Chronic Disease: A Systemic Review And Meta-Analysis Of Cohort Studies

Dr. Muhammad Awais, Dr. Shumaila Ashiq, Dr. Syeda Arooj Zahra
2018 Zenodo  
A persistent co-occurrence is seen in conditions of Musculoskeletal and chronic diseases which shows a remarkable worldwide stress. One of the causes of the development of the chronic diseases, are might be the conditions of the musculoskeletal; although no comprehensive studies have been done till now to prove it. However, it is still to investigate whether problems of musculoskeletal are affecting knee or hips like osteoarthritis or pain in neck and back may lead to the chronic diseases. A
more » ... onic diseases. A research was carried out by two independent researchers in order to see how the musculoskeletal conditions (Osteoarthritis, Neck or Back pain) and the diagnosis of chronic diseases (Diabetes, Chronic Respiratory Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Obesity and Cancer) have an alliance; this was done with the help of CINAHL, Medline in Process, PsycINFO, Scopus, Embase, Web of Science and Medline on 8th February 2018. Extracting data and assessing qualities were the two main features of this research. The Random Effect Model was carried out in which balanced precautions were taken in the generic inverse variance method; considering every type of musculoskeletal and chronic conditions. There are 3,086,612 individuals which undergone in the research. These are the results of the primary meta-analysis: for Musculoskeletal Conditions - Back Pain (n= 2) and Osteoarthritis (n= 8), while for Chronic Diseases- Cancer (n=1), Cardiovascular Diseases (n=8) and Diabetes (n=1).The results revealed from the 10 studies showed that people with musculoskeletal conditions have 17% more chances of developing chronic diseases. Exclusively, other results showed Confidence Interval 1.13-1.22, 12.52% and hazard ratio 1.17, 95%. The risk of chronic diseases is increased with the probability of the musculoskeletal conditions, as stated by the results of a meta-analysis. As a matter of precaution, early diagnosis and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions which can lead to cardiovascular diseases can [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1450859 fatcat:aiu3swtwercedghuojwdwjmuim