Gravity revealed as electromagnetic force [post]

Larry Thiele
2021 unpublished
The earth is fundamentally protons, electrons, and neutrons. The force of gravity on earth could simply be a phenomenon of those elements. Lacking is any analysis demonstrating how electric charge forces of protons and electrons, both repulsive and attractive, can give rise to a gravitational force so much weaker and only attractive. Here application of Coulomb's law of electric charges shows the force of gravity derives from the basic proton-electron charge force. Separation of electrons from
more » ... of electrons from protons within any atom results in infinitesimal force imbalances, either repulsive or attractive, with every external proton-electron pair. When such force imbalances are accumulated using a Monte Carlo probability simulation for all charge pair in a large mass like the earth, repulsive forces are shown to never entirely cancel attractive forces and a weak net attractive force always remains. Coulomb's law yields the same force between earth and an object at its surface as Newton's law of gravity, confirming that gravity is an electromagnetic force and not a unique force of its own. This research is a mathematical analysis, an application of basic scientific principles much like the computer modeling of a complex engineered system. It has been done with no need for new theories, new speculation, abstract reasoning, nor abstract mathematics.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:sge6be6d55h7legejvjcekgfz4